giovedì 4 dicembre 2014


Q Institute is the world’s first institute created to teach people "Self-Well-Being" and how to become independent and happy - Free from the System - in every aspect of their lives: Health, Food, Money ... and Energy.

In addition to teaching how to use the latest inner technologies to optimize the consumption of electricity, gas, fuel, and improve water quality, Q Institute has started doing research that has led to concrete results, and that have already been demonstrated "live", on the subject of Alternative Energy and Free Energy. During the RQI® Environment Course held last August, confronted with the discoveries of frontier science (the science that Tesla opened the doors to), and engaging with projects and practical applications, we demonstrated - with the help of "rebel prodigies" that aren't willing to be "harnessed" by the rules of the system - how small amounts of "energy from the vacuum" could be produced. Small circuits - made with materials costing a few euro and based on research and testing which started about a year ago - have been shown to work, without using any form of power, in defiance of the laws of academic physics.

In addition to these first results obtained by Q Institute, there's no doubt that many independent scientists have so far measured themselves with so-called "Free Energy" technology, and there are real possibilities that - among the thousands of failures and hoaxes in circulation - some of them have already managed to create low-impact, low-cost, clean and free energy from innovative sources (cold fusion, vacuum energy, electromagnetism, gravitational or magnetic motors ...). So far, the choice for those who'd managed to achieve this great result was restricted to two options. The first option was to patent their discovery and put it on the market, with the risk of being "summoned" by the military (which control every practice submitted to the patent office), or to be "bribed " by lobbies in the industry. Second option was to keep their invention well hidden in their "garage" without the risk of exposing themselves to trouble by exploiting it commercially.

Now there's finally a third possibility: Q Institute has launched a competition for independent researchers in order to promote and enhance research of alternative forms of free and clean energy ("Free Energy") and to raise the level of awareness of the Collective Consciousness on the practical possibilities offered by their use.
The competition involves the awarding of functioning prototypes, divided into 2 sections (light free energy and home free energy), and provides for the allocation of money prizes (up to 13 thousand euro) and scholarships for Q Institute classes. Q Institute takes the responsibility to ensure appropriate precautions to protect the confidentiality of participants' data (if required). Prototypes will remain the exclusive property of participants, and prizes will go towards financing future research.

The competition is open to independent researchers of all nationalities, without limits of age or of any kind. Any functioning prototype - based on any type of technology or knowledge - can participate, provided it meets certain characteristics that are clearly described in the competition announcement, and that are mostly related to safety and environmental impact.

Researchers that are interested can register by October 30, 2015 POSTPONED TO MARCH 31, 2016, and there is no registration fee.
If you know someone who might be interested, it's time to convince him/her to actually do something together to change the world!
Full text of the competition announcement is posted on the Q Institute website: